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Bicester Industrial Scaffolding

Industrial Scaffolding Experts in Bicester

At GB Scaffolding, we offer a comprehensive range of industrial scaffolding services to ensure the safety and efficiency of your construction or maintenance work across Bicester. Our team of highly skilled and experienced scaffolders is committed to providing you with a reliable and cost-effective solution for all your industrial scaffolding needs.

Industrial Scaffolding Services in Bicester

Our comprehensive range of industrial scaffolding solutions include:

  • New Build Construction

We can design, erect, and dismantle scaffolding for a variety of new build projects, from large-scale warehouses to industrial units. Our scaffolding systems are tailored to the specific requirements of your project, ensuring safe access for workers and easy movement of materials.

  • Refurbishment and Maintenance

Our scaffolding solutions are ideal for refurbishment and maintenance projects on existing industrial facilities. We can provide scaffolding for roof repairs, façade work, machinery installation and other maintenance tasks.

  • Emergency Scaffolding

In the event of an unforeseen event or structural damage, we offer a 24/7 emergency scaffolding service. Our team will be on-site promptly to assess the situation and erect safe and secure scaffolding to facilitate repairs.

Safety Netting Service

At GB Scaffolding, we prioritise the safety of your workers. In addition to our robust scaffolding systems, we offer a comprehensive safety netting service. Safety netting provides an additional layer of protection against falls from height, minimising the risk of injuries.

Here are some of the benefits of using safety netting with your industrial scaffolding:

Reduced Risk of Falls

Safety netting catches workers who fall from height, significantly reducing the risk of serious injuries or fatalities.

Improved Worker Confidence

Knowing that a safety net is in place can improve worker confidence and morale, leading to better productivity on the job site.

Compliance with Regulations

Safety netting is often required by regulations for certain types of construction work. We can help you ensure your project meets all relevant safety standards.

Reduced Damage to Tools and Equipment

Safety netting can also help to protect tools and equipment from falling from the scaffolding.

Our team will work with you to design and install a safety netting system that meets the specific needs of your project. We offer a variety of netting options, including debris netting and high-visibility netting.

Contact our industrial scaffolding team in Bicester

Whether your industrial project requires a straightforward scaffold or a sophisticated structure, GB Scaffolding's expertise is unmatched. We can handle any size or complexity. Contact us for a free, no-pressure quote and see the difference our experience makes.

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